What are the purchase costs?

Are you buying as a resident or a non resident?
Are you buying from private individuals or from a company?
Is it your first property?

If you are buying from private individuals, then the taxes you pay are based on the cadastral value – a nominal value which each property has and which depends on its size, location, standard etc. This has nothing to do with the market value. Once we know which house you want to buy, its cadastral value and who owns it (company or individual), and whether you intend to buy as a resident or non resident, and if it’s your first property in Italy, only then the notary may provide a quote for the taxes payable.

What other purchase costs are there?

  • Notary fees – approx 1-2%, more for a lower priced property due to some fixed taxes.
  • Agency fees – in Italy both buyer and seller pay the agent. These are payable to the Italian agent  (one of our partners) you view the house with at compromesso (preliminary contract) stage and for each party are usually 3% plus VAT. VAT is 22% in Italy. Minimums apply. Nothing is payable to Casa Tuscany so you will not pay double the fees, you will just have double the assistance!
  • Compromesso registration fees – approx €380 plus a part payment of taxes which is deducted from the total taxes due at completion.
  • Translator for the deed signing at the notary’s office. Required if you do not speak Italian well enough to understand legal deeds. Approx cost €250 – €350 depending on the notary.
  • Technical report for the notary.  Checks all the planning issues of the property, making sure it matches the official plans, no works have been carried out without permission, gathers all previous permits, checks the house is sellable and not illegal in any way. Carried out by a geometra, architect or engineer and costs vary considerably, a minimum of €761 including VAT/ Please note this report is NOT a structural survey, that is an optional additional report you may wish to instruct.
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