How long does it take?

If the buyer is ready to go and the house is vacant, about 6 – 8 weeks is usual. If the preliminary paperwork is in order, the full process could take as little as 3-4 weeks. 

At the closing the buyer will sign the deed or title (atto di vendita), which must be registered within 30 days. The official deed is usually ready 45 days or so later. The buyer will be given the keys to the property but will have to wait for the original copy of the deed or title  before having full legal ownership of the property.
Quite often paperwork has to be prepared, registrations or plans updated, occasionally there are planning issues sorted out, and this means it can take longer. It also depends on whether you are coming in person or arranging power of attorney, as this takes a bit longer to arrange too. If the property is vacant, and all paperwork is up-to-date it is possible to buy immediately, as soon as we can make an appointment with the notary.

Note that if the buyer is not fluent in Italian, a translator may be required. The buyer may choose the translator or ask the notary to provide one. There will be additional costs and time involved.

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