Home is a lifestyle. 

11HH Art Gallery expands its unique lifestyle concept to Heavenly House.

We want to even more intimately tie fine art, design art, interior design and finally real estate in a unique experience.

We want gorgeous artworks find a gorgeous home.
We think of a home as an artwork. The quality of living space is an art in itself; artifact and habitat are two sides of the same coin.
We simply want the best of the best. A Heavenly House, nothing less.

Let’s find now your Heavenly House:

Santorini, Greece
Charming Panoramic Villa nestled in the magical Greek island of Santorini, embracing views of the Aegean Sea below.
Tuscany, Italy
Dream castle in Chianti, Florence.
An enchanting medieval village nestled in the Tuscan hills, which combines history, nature, art.
Bali, Indonesia
Luxury house with pool. Surrounded by green Balinese rice fields, with panoramic views that offer a privileged sunset.
Do you like what you see?

Please drop us a text message now. We will send you a full dossier and the exact location of your Heavenly House, and we will put you directly in contact with the Seller's Agent. It's that easy!

Exclusive masterpieces to live and inhabit.

Our mission is to broaden the concept of art and lifestyle by tying fine art, design art, interior design and finally real estate in a unique experience. This means selecting, developing, planning, and executing projects for private art collections. Sometimes, this means finding the perfect space, too..

No-headache experience.

Finding a home, curating a space, making it an exclusive masterpieces to live and inhabit work best together if it is a unique undivided flow. The whole process of advisoring is managed as a one-stop-shop, in order to ensure consistency and homogeneity to the concept. At the same time, this ensures a no-stress experience to the client and provide convenience and efficiency of costs.

We have Heavenly Partners.

We provide our advisory service through selected Partners around the world. We put you in contact directly with the Seller's Agent, and then we stay by your side as your liaison officer throughout the journey that will lead you to acquire your Heavenly House. And to fill it with heavenly artwork, too.